Created by: Calico_Cat


Hand 1: Paws Up - Bid your clubs, if no clubs bid Nil.

Hand 2: Unless you have all spades, you cannot trump/Bid Spades & Strip

Hand 3: Regular, ALL Bids DN OK.

Hand 4: Red Riders- Play all RED cards BEFORE black cards can be played/Bid REG

Hand 5: Reflections, bid same as your Partner

Hand 6: Ace of spades bids 4, everyone else bids 3

Hand 7: Deuces Up- Bid 2 for every 2 in hand, if none bid Reg/NDN.

Hand 8: I found my Thrill, Bid 3 or NIL..

Hand 9: Suicide (one pard from each team must NiL or DNiL)
Hand 10: Everyone Relax now, Bid Reg/ ALL Bids

Set Winning / Losing Scores to NONE 10 Hands DN OK Misbid/Misplay = DQ