Calendar Girl

Written By: MRC_NashRambLR

Each Month Represents A Hand
(ie: January is hand 1)
JAN: Everyone bids 1
FEB: Mirror Hearts
MAR: For Every King In Your Hand, Bid 2. If None, Bid Reg
APR: Mirror Diamonds
MAY: Mirror Clubs
JUNE: Bid Reg All bids
JULY: Everyone bids 4
AUG: Suicide (one pard from each team must NiL or DNiL)
SEPT: For each Jack bid 3, If no Jacks bid Reg
OCT: DN Suicide (one pard from each team must DN)
NOV: For each 2 or 5 bid 1, If no 2 or 5, bid Reg
DEC: Person with the Ace of Hearts tells each person what suit to mirror. Everyone will mirror a different suit
12 Hand Limit All Rounds
Misbid/Misplay=Team DQ